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Welcome to Opharo !

Creator of made-to-measure holidays for body and mind in South Crete

This side of the island, between the Libyan Sea and the mountains, attached to its traditions, authentic and in essence welcoming, guarantees you a total change of scenery at only 3 hours flight from your home.

Let yourself be enveloped by the atmosphere of this magical place, like a return to your roots in a healthy. natural, calm and safe environment.

For a better tomorrow, we need to preserve our health capital and what better way than the Cretan diet associated with the preventive and curative virtues of seawater, to regain harmony and balance.

- fitness - retreat

This is the promise of Opharo, creator of wellness holidays in Plakias, a wonderful three dimensional playground for unique and memorable holidays.

Start fresh, let go, adopt the local rhythm and make it last by reintegrating movement into your daily life thanks to Coach Thierry who will offer you a chance to get back into shape in a natural environment every morning.

Choose your formula with or without sport. In either case you will leave feeling different.

And above all, keep your mind free and open, enjoy yourself and share this divine break with those you love in all simplicity.

Opharo, creator of wellness holidays in Plakias, fitness and retreat in Plakias

We take care of all the creation and organization of your trip in your budget.

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