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Thierry & Muriel

 "Is there anything more precious for humans than Health?"

Socrates asked this question thousands of years ago and yet it still is the most important question of our times, the one that motivates us every day to protect ourselves, to protect others but also to do ourselves good.  Having health, staying in shape, thinking positive,

loving ourselves.


And it all has a name, it's Wellness.

Thierry, a physical trainer in his profession, has been supporting his clients in this aspect for 20 years. After several years spent in the field of Women's Health, Muriel feels very concerned by the evolution of our changing bodies- and the need to take care of them so that it takes us as far as possible.

OPHARO is  a couple's adventure in which we unite our strengths, our experiences and our expertise. An adventure in which we had to find the ideal place to accomplish ourselves. It was by visiting Crete once, twice, three times that this wild and authentic island came to be a place of transition, empowerment and freedom.

Like a place in 3D, each element invites us to well-being.
You are already familiar with the benefits of the Cretan diet so we invite you to come and discover its wonderful playground.

    Sea, Sky, Earth and so many activities around.

OPHARO offers travellers from all walks of life fitness and wellness vacation packages on the southern ridge in the Plakias region of Crete.

Alone, as a couple, with family, friends or colleagues: the program of your stay will be tailor-made by us according to your wishes and needs. All in partnership with the Cretans, their culture, their know-how, their ecosystem and above all their legendary welcome.

Our network of local providers guarantee you the best within your budget.

It's time to disconnect and reconnect.

Come and experience your holidays differently by re-entering Sport in your daily routine.

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